Julia Stark

19 year old singer-songwriter
from Poland, currently living
in Los Angeles.


Julia Stark

Julia Stark was born on September 7th, 1996 in Lodz, Poland. She was inspired by Shakira at the age of five to pursue music and began writing songs at thirteen. Soon after she moved to Washington D.C. to continue her education but eventually re-located to Los Angeles to attend Hamilton Academy of Music. In 2013 she enrolled in the vocal performance program at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. At eighteen Julia moved to Nashville for a year to work on her debut album “Unfinished” due in early 2016.
Some of the artists that influenced Julia’s style include John Mayer, Kodaline, Zella Day, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and One Republic.

Julia is currently back in Los Angeles, continuing her studies at Musician’s Institute.



Someone that’s not you

I’d be lying if I said
I didn’t see this coming,
when I met you I knew
you were already going,
still I tend to like a challenge,
a little bit of something I can't have.
But the way you’re looking at me,
as she’s hanging on your side,
it’s clear she’s just a trophy
you’re showing off tonight
and you know you wish you
had me but that’s another story,
a story that’s over now.

So I’ll be here, getting over you
with someone better,
with someone new.
And you’ll just stand there,
like you always do,
wishing you could be that
someone that’s not you.
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
oh, you wish you knew,
oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
I’ll be with someone that's not you.

Remember all those times
your eyes would slide past me?
Friday night with our friends,
I felt I was the last thing
you wanted to see til
you were two drinks in.
Now you can play
those games with her,
go ahead, I don't care,
I'm done being something
you can just throw away,
but you’re gonna come back
running, when you see how
good you had it.


She’ll never be me,
he’ll never be you
but if that’s the game
you wanna play, this will do.

She’ll never be me,
he’ll never be you
but if that’s the game
you wanna play, this will do.
Someone that’s not you.


The way you come to me
like I was the one to leave,
it draws me in,
it draws me in.
The way you right your wrongs
just by playing my favorite song,
it keeps me locked,
keeps me locked.

I still find you in the strangest times,
when I lose my mind,
that's when you come around.
You still come and go as you please,
you know us and you know me,
and that's when I think:


Tonight get me out of here
so I can breathe,
let's write an ending to this story
that feels complete.
If I go I'll never know
so I take a step back again,
I knew this from the beginning
We’ll always be unfinished.

The way you bring out that fight,
in my soul and in my heart,
I never felt something like that,
I never felt something like that.
The way you take me up to break me down,
I'm always in a rush, I'm high then I crash,
you got me where you want me
baby what now?
I'm still only a wide eyed girl
that loved a boy who didn't care,
isn't that such a cliche?
You still hold me so close it hurts,
you have me but you want her
and I think to myself:


We will always be unfinished.

Crash And Burn

Something broke, something crashed,
something shattered,can you fix it?
It got so cold,there's no love left
in this room and we did this.
Can you feel it now, the ending?
I don't think we are pretending, oh no.
We didn't mean for this to happen,
all this time wasted on battles
that no one wins.


Just let me go,
we've been playing this game
for far too long.
Tell me it's okay
that our love is gone
and we’re moving on
I won't lie and say
it doesn't hurt like hell,
I guess some things are bound to
crash and burn.
Crash and Burn.

The door's wide open, you can leave
any moment, make your move.
We’ve done this before
but this time I know
this is a storm we can't get through.
What will I be when we are done here?
You say you don't know life
without me, oh no.
As we stand here I'm falling to pieces,
it's still us but I can feel
something's missing.


I will miss that fire we had
for as long as I live,
I promise you that.
But that doesn’t change the fact
that in the end
it slowly but surely burned out.